Digital Sensi Eye   With its unique digital sensors, this monitors the ambient lighting around you and adjusts the picture settings accordingly. So watch your favorite program for long hours without harming your eyes.
 Automatic Volume Leveler  If you are a channel surfer and have experienced sudden bursts of sound every time you switch channels, you will love this. With AVL, your TV automatically adjusts the volume so that you don't get differing volumes across channels.
 Selectable Picture
  Selectable picture facilitates the selection of the best settings for different type of program. Choose from a variety of modes to get the best experience for each type of program.
 Selectable Sound   Choose the right sound settings for the kind of program you are viewing. There are many different settings to choose from
 Favorite Mode    With the huge number of cable TV channels, surfing to find channels you want is difficult. The Favorite Mode changes all this. Simply list your most watched channels, under Favorite Mode, and surf only among them.
 Personal Preference   Set the volume, sharpness, contrast and Colour, as you would like them to be for each individual channel, and enjoy channel surfing without having to change settings each time!
 Digital Noise Reducer   The digital noise reducer improves image quality, no matter what the cable input is. By cutting out ghost images and snow, you will enjoy better picture quality on your Videocon TV.
 Curtain Effect  This gives a soft start each time you switch on your TV, like the opening of a curtain, leading to a longer life for your picture tube.