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The Building Of A Nation : Holzmann Videocon Engineers Limited

Philipp Holzmann
AG of Germany, the joint venture partner of Videocon, Specialises in  construction projects in the civil engineering
sector, such as
airports, bridges, industrial plants, public
buildings and roads.

Incorporated in October 1995, Holzmann Videocon Engineers Ltd., (HVE) is a joint venture in which Philipp Holzmann AG Germany and Videocon are equal partners.

Philipp Holzmann AG in one of the world's largest construction companies, with more than 150 years of experience. It carries out and manages construction projects in the civil engineering sector, specialising in the area of harbour construction, bridges, dams, roads, railroads, multi-storeyed buildings, airports and industrial plants. It has a strong presence in more than 70 countries around the world, including the U.S.A.. Half of Frankfurt has been built by the company. Its annual turnover is more than U.S. $10 billion. HVE's objectives are to participate in major infrastructure and industrial projects, either as a contractor or on a Build Own Operate Transfer (B.O.O.T.) basis.

HVE has been shortlisted as a contractor for the prestigious Delhi Mass Rapid Transit System. The company is also bidding for hydro and thermal power project. It is involved in the construction of public building as well as residential and commercial complexes in Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune and Goa.

HVE's head office is located at Delhi and its regional office is in Mumbai.

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