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Dish Washer


  1. What is a Dish Washer?
  2. Does the Videocon Dish Washer have any foreign technology?
  3. Can the Dish Washer even wash my Thalis / Handis / Barthans / Pressure
  4. Will the Dishwasher take only small & standard size plates & dishes or will it also accomodate my Handis / Pathilas etc.?
  5. Can the Dish Washer machine also wash my glass-ware / ceramic-ware and cutlery ?
  6. Will my vessels and glass-ware rotate inside the Dish Washer like clothes in a Washing Machine ? If so, won't my delicate crockery break during the wash?
  7. What are the advantages in using a Dish Washer over my servant's wash?
  8. What are the various processes which take place in the Videocon Dish Washer?
  9. Do Dish Washers require any special detergents or will any normal Dish Washer detergent powder suffice?
  10. Does the Videocon Dish Washer have separate wash processes for different types of loads?
  11. What is the capacity of the Videocon Dish Washer?
  12. How much time it takes to wash vessels in the Videocon Dish Washer ?
  13. What is the water consumption in the Videocon Dish Washer ?
  14. What is the Power Consumption in the Videocon Dishwasher ?
  15. What is the average detergent consumption during a single cycle ?
  16. What is the average Rinse Aid consumption during a single cycle ?
  17. What is the consumption of Water softening salt?
  18. Is the Videocon Dish Washer easy to use?
  19. How safe is the Videocon Dish Washer?
  20. Do I require to make any special electrical connection for installing my Videocon Dish Washer ?
  21. Do I need to have any special plumbing for the Dish Washer ?
  22. Where should the Dish Washer be placed?
  23. Where should the Dish Washer be placed?
  24. Can the Videocon Dish Washer wash my heavily soiled Kadais / Milk Sauce Pans / etc. also?
  25. How do I use my Videocon Dish Washer ?
  26. What precaution I should take while using my Videocon Dish Washer?
  27. What precautions should I take to ensure that my Videocon Dish washer remains in perfect operating condition. ?
  28. Can I use Water from a loft tank in order to operate my Dish Washer?
  29. What will happen if the Water supply in the tap suddenly stops, when the wash process is going on.?
  30. Am I required to clean the vessels before putting them into the DishWasher?
  31. Do I need to dry the vessels or clean the machine after use?
  32. Does the Videocon Dish Washer make too much noise during operation ?.
  33. What happens if the Power fails when the Dish Washer is in use ?


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