Ion Rechager
The Ion Recharger in Videocon ACs discharge up to 1 lac crore per cubic meter the distance of 1 mtr to remove positively charged pollutants such as dust , tobacco smoke , odour , pollens etc. Thus , creating a healthy atmosphere that offers users succour from asthama , headache , tiredness and other problems caused by impure air.
 20 Micron Filter
The air filter removes large suspended particles & other pollutants from the air being pumped into the room through the AC.
 Antibacterial Filter
Prevents the breeding of germs such as bacteria and mould , which are harmful to the human respiratory tract.
 Nano Enzyme Filter
This biochemical enzyme filter ensure the removal of gram +ve / -ve germs , funguses , phycoviruses and carcinogens , removing up to 99.9% of hazardous elements from the air you breathe.
 Deodorizing Filter
Activated carbon deodorizes the air by absorbing gaseous hydrocarbon vapors and other odors , for crisp , fresh smelling air.
 Electrostatic Filter
This Advanced static filter attracts dust particles as tiny as 0.01 microns , eliminating even the smallest pollutants in the air you breathe.
The facility of ventilation results in continuously adding fresh air into the room , maintaining oxygen levels at the optimum.
 Air Deflection
The adjustable horizontal and vertical louvers direct the air flow both horizontally and vertically , ensuring even distribution of cool air throughout the room.
 5-Step Vertical Direction control
Controlled cooling of every part of the room is made possible with this feature that allows you to adjust the flow of air in different directions.
 Fan Speed
Variable speed of the fan motor allows you to choose a comfortable level of cool air throw.
 Sleep Auto Mode
Touch the sleep mode button , and the A/C automatically programs itself to control the indoor fan speed and the temperature setting. The temperature goes up by 2 C from the set temperature in 2 hours . Thus , ensuring a more comfortable sleep by reducing noise levels and keeping the cooling level comfortable.
 Real Time Clock
The real time clock is accurate up to a minute. This real time clock guides the on/off timer to operate your air conditioner at preset times to suit your convenience.
 On / Off Timer
This function can be set for 12 hours with interval with which the unit can be shut-off and restarted at the predetermined time.
 Auto Restart Function
When the power resumes after sudden failure the AC starts in the same setting as before the power failure.
 Full Function Remote
Keeps all the powerful features within the tips of your finger . This ergonomically designed remote control is extremely user-friendly , making the AC a dream to operate.
 Soft Touch Operating panel
This enables you to operate the AC in case of loss of your handset for your comfort.
 Auto Swing
This function provides the automatic circulation of air for distributing the cool air evenly across the room.
 Removable / Washable Filter
Since the filter can be removed easily by sliding it out , you can conveniently clean it whenever you want.
 Fan Mode Operation
You can run only the fan mode at various speeds without the compressor being ON for air circulation purposes.
 Cool Mode Operation
You can set the temperature of your desire for optimum cooling & comfort at various fan speeds.
 Dry Mode Operation
This mode helps you to control humidity of the indoor air by lowering the fan Speed and lowering the set temperature automatically to remove excess moisture from the air and makes you feel comfortable.
 Auto Mode Operation
Depending on the ambient conditions of the temperature and humidity in the room , this mode will automatically select the Fan Speed / Mode of operation for optimal use of power & better comfort.
 Resin Coating for Sheet Metal  Parts
All the sheet metal parts are coated with resins to protect it from corrosion and decolourisation .This indirectly enhances the life of air conditioner by protecting from atmospheric attack on sheet metal surface.
 Anti Corrosive Blue Fins for Heat  Exchanger
The heat exchanger has resin coated blue fins to prevent corrosion and enhance the life of the heat exchanger coil.
 3 - Minutes Time Delay
This unique feature causes a deliberate 3 minutes delayed start-up in order to protect your compressor and increases its life.
 Slinger up Mechanism
The Propeller fan has a built-in slinger ring , which splashes condensate water onto the condenser to provide sub cooling and more efficient heat transfer by better water management.
 Grooved 7MM Copper Tubing A thoughtfully designed grooved copper tube has been carefully placed to enable maximum cooling and lower its power consumption substantially.

 High EER (Energy Efficiency  Ratio).

High EER compressors along with scientific refrigeration system deigns ensure high cooling efficiency. Equipped with the highest EER, they also save on power & run quietly.
 Louvered / Waffled Fins
It has Louvered / Waffled fins on the heat exchanger. Designed with a large heat-radiating surface , it boosts heat exchange effectiveness and improves cooling efficiency.
 Self Diagnosis
In case of abnormality, the microprocessor will diagnose the cause and for correct and quick remedial action.
 Hydrophilic Coating for  Evaporator Coil
This coating does not allow any water to collect on the fins , thereby increasing efficiency in cooling.
 Antifreeze Thermostat
This thermostat avoids ice formation and therefore prevents the evaporator coil from freezing which can happen when there is no air circulation around the coil.