Digital Sensiwave
The Unique 360 Cooking enabled by the Heater where your food gets heat from all sides, thus ensuring even cooking and no uncooked middles and inconsistent dishes.
 Nutrilock for Healthy Food
Microwave ovens with Digital Sensi Waves which allow you to cook healthier meals by retaining the entire nutrient content & natural flavors which usually gets lost in the conventional way of cooking.
 Auto Cook Menus
A set of Preset programs especially suited for Indian style cooking and daily needs. You do not need to input Cooking power and time.
 Power Level selections
The Microwave cooking is made much simpler and precise with the 5 or 10 Power level selections. You can select a desired Power level and then use the TIME / MENU dial to set a desired cooking time.
 Express Cooking
The Microwave Oven will operate at HIGH power (100% power output) for Express Cooking program.
 Auto Defrost
A preset program, used to defrost meat, poultry and seafood. The Defrosting time and power level are automatically set once the Food category and the weight are programmed.
 Child Lock
Use to prevent the unsupervised operation of the Oven by little children.
 12 Hr / 24 Hr Selectable clock
To check the time while the Oven is operating, press the CLOCK button, then the time will be displayed. Clock can be set with 12 Hr or 24 Hr setting.
 Grill Cooking
The Grill Cooking is done at a high temperature with the food close to the heat source, which gives it a rich brown appearance. Useful for thin slices of meat, chops, kebabs, sausages of piece of chicken, hot sandwiches and au gratin dishes.
 Combination Cooking
Combination cooking automatically alternates between grill and microwave heating. It is this ideal for roasting meat, poultry, fish, potatoes etc. The advantage of Combination cooking is that it gives food a rich brown color and often shortens conventional cooking time. Combination setting is automatic and there is no need to set the grill temperature or power level. However the number of such settings would vary in each model as Combi 1, Combi 2 etc.
 Convection Cooking
Convection oven has a Fan to circulate the Hot air in the oven cavity, resulting in uniform air temperature within the cavity and eliminating the need to place food at different levels as in the case of other ovens.