2 Wash Programs Two wash programs make certain that different types of clothes get the type of washing they need:
- Regular Wash: For your daily wear synthetic and linen    garments.
- Strong Wash: For Jeans, bed sheets, curtains etc.
 Auto Soak
Soaking is an important element of the washing process. It enhances and optimizes the detergent's action on the clothes. Auto Soak ensures that the clothes are uniformly soaked in detergent. The soaking is supplemented with intermittent agitation to ensure that all clothes receive better detergent action. This readily expels the dirt & stains and thus enhances the wash quality and ensures a hygienic and superior wash.
 Anti Rodent Base
The base of the machine is covered with an anti rodent material so that rats and other rodents cannot harm the cables or wires of the machines.
 Buzzer (with Volume control)
The Videocon machines are fitted with timers & buzzers. It ensures that the customers do not have to worry about the end of cycle. The buzzer automatically rings at the end of the wash cycle or when the time set has elapsed.
 Castor Wheels
Our machines also come with castor wheels at the base ensuring easy maneuverability of the machines.
 Germ Free
Our Washing machines are lined with a protective antibacterial additive certified by Sanitized AG, Switzerland.
This lining totally stops the grime, fungus, germs and other microbial elements from building empires in the washtub. It works on the microbial cell wall and disrupts the metabolic process of germs. Thereby, retarding their ability to function, grow and reproduce. Giving a clean, germ free wash.
 Reversomatic Pulsator
This unique pulsator provides a special super flow by vertical as well as horizontal water flow which creates more turbulence and ensures that the dirt gets expelled to a great degree. Also makes sure that the clothes do not get tangled during the washing cycle.
 Rust Free
Our Rust Free machines are made of hi-impact CP3 polymer fiber that protects the washing machine from corrosion. Thereby giving it a longer life. Now the machine can be used in any environment and can be kept in bathroom or kitchen without being worried about rusting due to humid conditions.
 Spin Fountain
When the washed clothes are transferred into the spin tub, there are chances of the detergent still remaining in the clothes. Videocon washing machines provide a special inlet in the spin tub through which water is showered onto the clothes. This ensures that the clothes are detergent free before drying.
 Uniform Water Inflow  An additional flap is provided with the water inlet in the Washtub to allow the water to spray in a manner so that all the clothes get soaked uniformly.
 Auto Balancing
This mechanism works during spinning when the clothes get collected on a side of the tub due to centrifugal force. In such situations, the spinning operation stops and water is allowed in .This distributes the clothes uniformly in the tub and the spinning resumes.
 Auto Error Detection
The machine automatically detects four types of most common errors and indicates them to the user as follows:
-  Dry Tap
- Drain Block
- Lid open while spinning
- Imbalance while spinning
 Digital Sensi Logic
Digital sensi logic enables the machine to make independent smart decisions regarding parameters such as - water level requirement, cycle time for soaking, wash time, spin time and rinse time. The machine senses the wash load (weight of the clothes) and the ambient temperature and uses fuzzy logic to program the machine on the above parameters. This provides the best wash possible.
 Memory Backup
In case of a power failure while the machine is functioning it automatically stores the last performed action in the memory chip. The machine resumes operation from that point once the power is restored.
 8 Wash Programs
Videocon fully automatic machines come with 8 wash programs for washing of different type of clothes:
-  Normal
-  Strong
-  Saree
-  Wool
-  Normal + Soak
-  Strong + Soak
-  Saree + Saok
-  Wool + Soak