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  1. How is the process of Washing effected in a Washing Machine?
  2. What are the advantages of using a washing machine over my servant's wash?
  3. What are the various types of washing machines available?
  4. What are the types of Fully Automatic washing machines?
  5. What are the different types of loading systems in washing machines? Which of the systems is preferable?
  6. I'm told that different washing machines use different wash methods?
  7. Is Hot Water necessary to wash clothes in a washing machine?
  8. Are special detergents necessary for washing clothes in washing machines?
  9. Which Company offers the widest range of washing machines?
  10. Does a Videocon washing machine have Foreign Technology?
  11. What are the benefits of purchasing a Videocon semi-automatics?
  12. Can I watch a Live Demonstration of a Videocon washing machine? 
  13. Can I operate the Videocon washing machine easily?
  14. Is the Videocon washing portable?
  15. How do I use my Videocon semi automatic washing machine perfectly?
  16. Is simultaneous washing and spinning possible?
  17. What is the Videocon washing machine made of?
  18. How much space will a Videocon washing machine occupy?
  19. Can the Videocon washing machine wash heavy clothes as well as gentle ones?
  20. Is running water required during the wash?

1. How is the process of Washing affected in a WASHING MACHINE ?
A washing machine is an appliance meant for performing the washing operation with the help of mechanical, thermal and chemical energy within the specified area designated as the tub of the machine. The washing action is accomplished by means of turbulence created out of the fluid friction or churning of the washing media. The wash process consists of:

  • Washing : Removal of dirt
  • Rinsing : Removal of dirt/detergent
  • Spinning : Removal of excess water
The three essential things required for washing clothes in a washing machine are:  
  1. Power : Electrical power is required to start the washing activity in a machine.
  2. Detergent : This is the chemical agent used to loosen the dirt from the clothes. Detergent is available in three forms powder, liquid and/or cake. Powder or liquid deter gent is used in a washing machine.
  3. Water : Water serves as a carrier and enables the deter gent to permeate the clothes. It enables the rinsing of clothes and generates a gentle rubbing action to remove dirt. It also helps in washing away the detergent and dirt from the clothes.

2.What are the advantages of using a washing machine over my servant's wash?
Your servant soaks the clothes in hot water for about half an hour and then scrubs them with a brush. This scrubbing exercise is the same for all types of clothes. You require a washing machine because:

  1. Your machine is very reliable and dependable.
  2. There is a consistent quality of wash.
  3. Clothes can be washed at any time convenient to you.
  4. Excessive scrubbing damages and reduces the life of your clothes. On the other hand, a gentle and thorough machine wash increases longevity of clothes.
  5. Optimum usage of water and detergent is possible only in a washing machine.
  6. Last but not the least, unlike your servant who may grumble and complain when the laundry is more, your machine can be repeatedly utilized to give you a `perfect' wash each time.
The washing machine not only washes all "types" of clothes but also takes extra care of them. Washing Machines with a spin-dry facility like all Videocon semi-automatic and all Videocon fully-automatic machines, have an arrangement for drying the clothes almost completely. The washing machine is also very economical as you not only save on detergent and water, but also time and energy.

3.What are the various types of washing machines available?
Washing machines are available in three different types.
i) Washers : These are the older generation washing machines. Clothes are put in the tub.Water and detergent are added & the processes of washing and rinsing take place. Once the washing and rinsing processes are complete, the water has to be manually squeezed from the clothes. There is no spin dryer in these machines.
ii) Semi Automatic : A semi-automatic washing machine does the washing, rinsing and drying. Semi-automatic machines have two tubs: One for washing and rinsing and the other for spin drying. Once the wash and rinse cycles are completed in the wash tub, the clothes have to be manually shifted to the spin tub. The clothes are almost 85 % dried in this tub.

A recent innovation introduced by Videocon comprises of Electronic Feather-Touch Control Programmable Semi-Automatic washing machines. These machines comprise unique electronic feather-touch Controls provided in the semi - automatic machines, which serve to minimize the effort required in washing, by replacing the Electro - Mechanical controls by micro- processor controls.

This technology also enables the additional feature of "SOAK-WASH" to be carried out in these machines.

iii)Fully Automatic : All wash operations (washing/rinsing/drying) are performed in a single tub. These machines can be programmed to perform any one or various combinations or all the wash operations.

Videocon fully-automatic machines do not require manual attention after the wash cycle commences. The machine has an audio-visual signal that indicates the end of the washing cycle. These Videocon machines have an Auto Power-Off facility that automatically switch off the machine after the washing - rinsing and spinning processes are completed.

4.What are the types of Fully Automatic washing machines?
Fully Automatic washing machines may also be classified into 3 types,based on the levels of sophistication of Control i.e.
a). Conventional Fully Automatics.
b). Fuzzy Control Fully Automatics.
c). Neuro-Fuzzy Control Fully Automatics. a) Neuro Fuzzy logic controlled washing machines represent the highest level of control in washing machines. These machines are able to make judgments almost like a human being would.These machines are capable of selection and iteration of the wash parameters until the optimum wash is achieved.

Videocon Neuro Fuzzy Control V NA 1111 NF is the only Neuro Fuzzy controlled machine available in India today. The Neuro Fuzzy machine comprises of ;

  1. A unique Optical Sensor - which senses the Type of & Extent of Dirt & Soilage present on the Fabric,
  2. A unique Digital Fabric Sensor - which senses the type of fabric &,
  3. The most advanced Neuro Fuzzy Control that monitors the wash conditions and gives you the perfect wash result each time.

b) Videocon's Fuzzy Logic Control machines are the only machines to have complete fuzzy logic control on all process programmes. This control enables the machine to make independent judgement of wash parameters upto a predetermined level of flexibility, as built into the operating software of the machine. Hence, unlike most other Brands, Videocon fuzzy logic machines offer a high extent of flexibility in washing, due to the larger no of wash programs and combinations possible herein.

These machines define their Wash Parameters after obtaining Input from internal Sensors such as ;

  1. Ambient Temperature Sensor :This monitors the ambient temperature, to calculate the optimum detergent required.
  2. Auto Electric Supply Self Tuner :This enables the machine to ensure synergy of wash operation with the terminal supply to the residence.
  3. Dry Wash Load Sensor : This feature enables the machine to define wash parameters after ascertaining Dry Wash Load of the clothes. This also serves to eliminate fabric damage, which may occur during delayed time washing, if washed in other fuzzy logic machines possessing a wet load sensor.

These 3 sensors are currently unique to Videocon's Fuzzy Logic Controlled machines.

c) Conventional Fully Automatics : Conventional Fully Automatic machines are not capable of making independent judgements on wash parameters.In these machines,wash parameters are pre-determined and fixed for each wash cycle;i.e.a set of parameters for a Strong wash, a set of parameters for a Normal wash etc.

However conventional Videocon Fully Automatics also possess unique features such as :

Low Voltage Protection
Soak-Wash facility
Dry Tap Indication,etc.

5.What are the different types of loading systems in washing machines? Which of the systems is preferable?
There are two types of loading systems:
 i) Top loading system or
 ii) Front loading system

Top Loading Systems: These machines are either Pulsator Wash or Agitator Wash machines. This type of Loading system offers many advantages.
a) These machines can be opened very easily
b) They have a compact body and occupy less space
c) Adding and removal of clothes is convenient. In fact, you can add and remove clothes even during the wash cycle.
d) No bending required to add or remove clothes.
e) You can open lid and remove clothes in case of power failure.
f) You can add water from top if running water is not available.
g) Lighter machines. Hence they can be moved on a trolley, if so desired.
h) Can be connected to a normal 5 amp. socket. No special electrical connection required.
i) Less Power Consumption.
J) Can use any normal detergent powder.

Front Loading Machines: They are basically Tumble Wash machines.
They have several disadvantages:
a) Require extra space in the front for opening the lid.
b) You have to bend to add or remove clothes
c) Requires special 15 AMP plug connection
d) Machine requires constant flow of water
e) Special plumbing required
f) Machines are fixed and are not portable.
g) Bulky and heavy machines
h) Require special low foaming detergents
i) Hot water is used for washing which reduces the life of clothes and may result in permanent wrinkles in clothes
j) Higher power consumption because of heater and a heavy steel drum and a Drain pump.

6. I'm told that different washing machines use different wash methods?
The three commercially available technologies on which washing machines work are:
i) Pulsator Wash : This is the most popular type of wash method. A pulsator is a disc fitted at the base of the tub. The concavity of the disc helps in circulating water in large circles, evenly distributing the flow of water into all corners of the tub. This allows the clothes to rub against one another. This is a gentle yet thorough way of washing. Videocon washing machines operate on this superior technology.

Videocon Washing Machines have got a unique Double 'U' shaped Pulsator. This pulsator has a reversomatic 'Super-flow' wash action which washes clothes by moving them in all directions. This actually shakes out the dirt, leaving your clothes washed thoroughly, yet gently.

ii) Agitator Wash : It has a long cylindrical agitator in the centre of the tub around which the water and clothes move. Mechanical rubbing of clothes squeezes the dirt out of the clothes. Due to the scrubbing, the life-span of the clothes is reduced and also the clothes may get entangled around the rod. The effective volume available in the tub for the movement of clothes is less because of the agitator rod and it is also difficult to remove the washed clothes.

iii) Tumble Wash : There is a steel drum which rotates on the horizontal axis causing a `dhobi' like action on the clothes. During the wash cycle, the clothes are continually banged against the hard surface of the metal drum. This results in wear and tear of the fabrics. Due to the steel drum, the machines operating on the tumble wash technology are very heavy and bulky.

7. Is Hot Water necessary to wash clothes in a washing machine?
No. In tropical countries like India where the ambient temperature of water is in the range of 25 C - 40 degree C, there is no need to use hot water for washing at all. Detergent efficacy is best in water in the temperature range of 25 C - 40 degree C. Hence, Heat addition above this temperature is a waste of power. Besides, hot water causes colour fading and fabric deterioration. Prolonged soaking of garments in hot water results in loss of lustre and causes permanent wrinkles in clothes. In fact, prolonged soaking of heavy linen in hot water causes knotting and even dark spots due to fungal formation of the knots.

8. Are special detergents necessary for washing clothes in washing machines?
Any common detergent made for washing machines can be used in a top - loading machine such as Videocon. However, it is advisable not to use detergents that contain high percentage of caustic soda as it causes fabric deterioration. However Front-Loading machines require the use of special Low foaming detergents in order to avoid spillage and leaking.

9. Which Company offers the widest range of washing machines?
Videocon pioneered Washing Machines as a concept in 1987 and has become a generic name for Washing Machines ever since. It has consistently dominated the market and even today, it sells more machines than all other brands put together. Besides being a constant Innovator and leader, Videocon's Washing Machines which have the user friendly top loading reversomatic Double - U - Pulsator technology have come to mean Quality and Reliability in over 18,00,000 households around the country.

Videocon's line-up comprises of 19 models : 2 economically priced washers, 8 Semi-Automatics, 3 electronically programmable semi-automatics and a range of 6 advanced fully - automatics. Videocon offer a wide range of sizes too; from 3 kg capacity to 6.5 kg. capacity Washing Machines i.e. to suit any size family.

10. Does a Videocon washing machine have Foreign Technology?
Videocon has technical collaboration with Matsushita Electric Industrial Company of Japan, owners of the brand name "National". National has come to mean quality, reliability and the most advanced technology in over 100 countries around the world. Videocon brings you this technology suitably adapted to Indian conditions in its washing machines which are manufactured at Videocon's fully integrated, ISO 9002 factory, having a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility comparable to the best in the world. Videocon washing machines are India's No.1 outselling all other makes put together. Videocon's success is due to the adaptation of superior Japanese technology to suit Indian Wash conditions.

11. What are the benefits of purchasing a Videocon semi-automatic?
Videocon's competitive advantages are :

  1. The machine can be operated without running water.
  2. The machine uses the superior Double 'U' Pulsator technology.
  3. The machine consumes less electricity and optimizes on consumption of power.
  4. The machine's wash tub and base are injection moulded co- polymer polypropylene plastic. This ensures long life, easy maintenance and cleanliness.
  5. The machine has a buzzer that indicates the completion of the washing cycle.
  6. The machine can be opened and clothes removed in case of power failure
  7. The machine can be opened during the wash cycle and water can be added incase of water scarcity/failure of continuous water supply.
  8. The spin tub is made up of steel with a corrosion free enamel coating.
  9. All components are life tested to give years of trouble-free service.
  10. Motors are equipped with load protection providing machine safety against motor burnouts.
  11. The machines have triplex sealing that prevents water leakage.
  12. A wide network of 77 service centers all over India if you ever need them.

12. Can I watch a Live Demonstration of a Videocon washing machine? 
All the models can be seen displayed at any of the Videocon dealer show rooms or at any Videocon Plaza. Live demonstrations are conducted often at various out lets and mobile demonstrations are held at  various clubs and societies. You can contact your nearest Videocon dealer for further details.

13. Can I operate the Videocon washing machine easily?
The machine is user-friendly. You can read the instruction manual, install and operate the machine on your own very easily. Videocon also sends a Demonstrator to install your new Videocon washing machine and demonstrate the functions at your residence if you so require.

14. Is the Videocon washing portable?
The Videocon washing machine is a compactly designed, lightweight machine which occupies little space.

15. How do I use my Videocon semi automatic washing machine perfectly?

  1. Select the laundry
  2. Plug the machine to a power source
  3. Fill the machine with water
  4. Put the relevant amount of detergent
  5. Allow the detergent to disperse in water
  6. Put your laundry in the machine
  7. Switch on the wash timer, select the programme
  8. After washing is complete, drain the water from the machine and fill water again for rinsing.
  9. Switch on the rinse timer
  10. After rinsing, transfer all clothes to the spin tub.
  11. Switch on the spin timer
  12. Remove clothes after the spinning is over and string them up to dry.

16. Is simultaneous washing and spinning possible?
Yes. In twin tub semi-automatic washing machines, washing and spinning can be done simultaneously to save on total washing time.

17. What is the Videocon washing machine made of?
The body of the machine is made of a powder-coated galvanized steel sheet. The zinc coating provides the machine primary protection thus enabling the machine to be scratch resistant while the powder coating provides secondary protection and adds luster to the body. The tub is made of high grade Co-Polymer Polypropylene plastic which is state-of-the-art and maintenance free. The spin tub is made of enamel coated corrosion resistant steel to ensure longer life.

18. How much space will a Videocon washing machine occupy?
Due to the compact body design, the average area occupied by a Videocon washing machine is 4 sq.ft.

19. Can the Videocon washing machine wash heavy clothes as well as gentle ones?
YES. Videocon Washing Machines have got wash selectors indicating different types of wash available.

1) In the semi automatic range Wash options available are:
a. Strong : For curtains and bed sheets & other heavy linen
b. Normal : For regular wear clothes
c. Gentle : For delicate and woollen clothes
2) In the programmable electronic control series, 2 additional options of 'Soak Normal' and `Soak Strong' also exist

3) In the fully automatics the wash options available are :
a. Gentle : For delicate and woollen clothes
b. Speedy : Clothes with relatively less soilage.
c. Strong : Jeans & heavily soiled clothes
d. Normal : For regular wear clothes
e. Soak Normal : For normal loads of heavily soiled clothing
f. Soak Strong : For larger loads of heavily soiled clothing.

20. Is running water required during the wash?
Videocon machines may be operated, if so necessitated, in the absence of running water also. This is not possible in tumble wash machines, which necessarily require constant running water.

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