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Air-conditioning for large rooms
Large rooms have the innate advantage of being spacious; yet maintaining a controlled cool temperature is very much an art as it is a science. Read on…

We all know that the basic throw of an air conditioner is up to a distance of 25ft. Hence the principal factor to be considered is the area of the large room in question and its specific air conditioning requirement. Next in line is the type of air conditioner that can fulfil this requirement to the best of its ability without marring the décor of the room and with best possible energy conservation.

Huge areas are often fitted with central air conditioning systems. In a centrally air conditioned system, a preset temperature cools the entire area and certain areas that are not in regular use cannot be shut off; consequently, the cost of running a central air conditioning unit is rather high. Since there is no indoor unit here, the control of the blast can only be directed via the diffuser grills by manipulating the vent. Hence, ideally a split system is used in large rooms. The split system is advantageous over the central AC system in that certain areas can be switched off when not in use while the others are being chilled as per their individual settings, thus minimising wastage and conserving the energy levels of the compressor.

Further options in the same split system are the ceiling mounted units or the Cassette as well as the Tower ACs that can also be used for large spacious rooms. Generally, by large rooms we mean, banquet halls, auditoriums, reception lobbies, work pools in large corporate offices, recording studios, living cum dining rooms, spacious rooms with high ceilings and the like. Among the various aspects that need primary consideration are:
  1. The tonnage requirement
  2. The appropriateness of a single condenser or multiple condenser unit
  3. The number of door and window openings to the room
  4. The number of occupants and the extent of occupancy in the room.
  5. The frequency of entry and exit to the room and the like
Basics dictate that cooling has to be distributed evenly. The requisite air conditioning is thus calculated on the basis of one or more condenser units and an equal or more number of cooling units. For e.g., a 3 tonne compressor with two 1.5 tonne cooling units could comfortably serve a large expanse. Cutting off the condenser periodically while you have the fan functioning reduces the pressure on the compressor and consequently the consumption of electricity.

Aesthetics form an important aspect of all interiors today and the ambience often dictates the kind of AC unit that needs to be a part of the room décor. The idea thus is to select the combination of condenser and cooling unit such that the temperature settings are perfectly suited to your individual comfort levels. While ductible splits and cassette are the often applied options today, the key lies in a knowledgeable and guided expert advise. If you still have doubts regarding what you can apply in your individual home or office, get in touch with our Videocon experts. We are here to serve you.

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