Comforts of a Smart AC system

We often yearn for an elevated degree of comfort to ease the pressures of our hectic routines. The Videocon air conditioners offer us our share of conveniences and luxuries too!!

The Videocon air conditioners are a premium range with every single model – whether the Window AC or the Split AC, fitted with an ioniser that helps keep you fit and fine contributing much more than merely cooling your immediate environment. The added advantage with the Videocon ACs is that they are fitted with a host of smart systems.

Apart from the usual anti bacterial and anti mould filters and the numerous internal technical mechanisms that cater to the pre-eminence of the product, comforts that have been specially catered to at the consumer end include:

.  Sleep Mode Function:
Touch the sleep mode button and the AC automatically programs itself to control its fan speed and the room temperature. The temperature goes up by a few degrees in the next two hours and the AC automatically switches itself off in about 8 hours. This ensures a more comfortable sleep by reducing noise levels and keeping the room cool and comfortable.

.   Auto Restart:
In case of an unpredictable power failure, you need not fret about waiting for the room to cool again. Your AC is programmed to restart at the same setting it was at prior to the failure.

.   Auto Swing: Many a time, we feel that an AC provides a direct draft of cool air in one direction instead of evenly being distributed in the room. However, with Videocon, you can now rest assured with the Auto swing function that silently and surely does this for you.
.   Auto Mode Operation : Depending on the ambient conditions and humidity of the room, this smart feature automatically selects the fan speed and the mode of operation in accordance with the optimal use of power and ultimate levels of comfort.
.   On-Off Timer & Real Time Clock: An up-to-the-minute accurate clock sets the timer that operates the AC to suit your convenience. The on/off timer can be set at predetermined timings when the unit may be shut off and restarted again.
.   3 Minute Time Delay: This unique feature in all Videocon ACs causes a deliberate 3-minute delayed start up that helps protect and extend the life of the compressor.
.   Full Function Remote: An ergonomically designed full function remote brings all these features and more to your fingertips. And in an extreme case of you not being within reach of your remote, or having to perchance move to your AC to operate it, we have for you a Soft Touch Operating Panel that eases your every need.
The Videocon air conditioners’ are a premium range of home appliances that are built to conform to the ever changing needs and wants of the common man. Click here to view some of our more detailed features that equip your AC with smart functions!!