Largest BAT installed in Nagpur


  "The only thing next to impossible is your own creative thinking"

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That is why at Videocon International Limited and a 4500 crores later we still donít let our creativity getting bowled out. There is sufficient room for "Larger than Life Endeavors" generating excitement and thatís exactly our move was during the "Khel Ke Dekho "Scheme.

At M/S Taoriís TV& Radios ,Gandhi Putla,Nagpur Videocon International Limited has installed the largest bat having the dimensions of 70 feet long and 6 feet wide.

This largest bat has been made keeping in mind the craze Nagpurians have for cricket .

It also portrays the never before consumer offer "KHEL KE DEKHO" which Videocon has launched on the World Cup Cricket. This bat is attracting big crowds admiring such a feat in Nagpur.

The earlier two largest bats were installed in South Africa on 6th February 2003 having dimensions 52.22 feet long 6.60 feet wide and In New Delhi on April 1999 having dimensions 50 feet long and 6 feet wide.