Videocon storms market with its path breaking innovation in Air Conditioner technology, two worldwide patents pending.


In keeping with its tradition of breaking new grounds in technology and reaching milestones, the Rs 5500-crore Videocon group has invented an air conditioner that serves a dual purpose of providing extraordinary cooling as well as saving of power to its customers. This technological breakthrough in the Split air conditioner category incorporates the newly developed revolutionary Quadra Heat Exchanger Technology with top discharge, along with recycling of the waste condensate water.This cuts down the running cost of ACs by 30-80% by economizing on the total power consumed.

The company has filed for two patents under the PC treaty of 26 nations and has obtained the patent pending number.

According to Mr Pradeep Dhoot, President, Videocon International Limited, "Videocon has always striven to be a company which offers the best to its consumers, always innovating and providing the latest technology to its customers. With this new split AC, Videocon has also become an inventor and one of the first Indian consumer durable companies to file for two worldwide patents."

Mr Dhoot further says, "Videocon has, over the last five years, been extensively researching and exploring in the field of air conditioners and today I can proudly state that with an investment of more than Rs 15 crores, Videocon has made this breakthrough giving our consumers a very significant saving of between 30 - 80 per cent.With this new split AC, Videocon sets a target of 100% growth during the financial year 2002-2003.”

Mr.Dhoot adds”Our astounding new power saving technology reiterates Videocon’s stand as a socially responsible corporate entity by helping conserve invaluable energy for our nation.Power saved is power generated”

Explaining the difference between conventional technology and the Videocon invention, Mr.Nipun Gupta, COO Videocon AC Division said, "The main difference is in three basic areas of the refrigeration circuit. Quadra heat exchanger, with top discharge, along with recycling of waste condensate water providing extraordinary cooling along with energy efficiency."

Videocon Air conditioners feature 5 stage filtration process which incorporates an anti-bacterial filter,Electrostatic filter,Deodorising and a special Nano Filter that aids in absorbing carcinogenic germs.

Mr.Sunil Tandon,VP,Marketing ,mentioned “ By cutting down running cost of ACs by 30-80% by virtue of economizing on total power consumed,AC markets and indeed the very perception of ACs as an unaffordable poduct shall undergo a revolutionary change.The introduction of this path breaking product proves our belief that technology should be for health and pleasure.”

About Videocon: The Rs 5500-crore Videocon group enjoys a strong presence in the market with CTVs,high-end audio systems, VCDs,DVDs,DVD TVs, Internet TVs,Plasma TVs, Projection TVs ,air conditioners, washing machines, transchillers as well as no-frost and Water Dispenser Refrigerators. The company manufactures and markets its products in the Middle East, Europe, Indonesia, South Africa and South East Asia. The group also has interests in glass shell manufacturing and petroleum.