Videocon unveils WaterMatic refrigerators


Company press reelase, June 19, 2003

Water, water everywhere, not a door to open. The emphasis may be now on the cool weather after the scorching summers however the convenience of storing extra water still makes a statement .A product gap was to be bridged and Videocon applying research and development to need suitability has come up with the water dispenser enabled WaterMatic Refrigerator Range. Available in 175 lts, 200 lts and 590 lts, the WaterMatic is an exciting range of refrigerators with revolutionary cooling.

The Cool Waterfalls
With an external water dispenser the WaterMatic range of refrigerators echo the concept of convenience. The gravity controlled dispenser mechanism has the provision to source water without opening the door thereby saving on electricity consumption and avoiding low cooling efficiency.

The gateway to refreshing cold water at the door lends an ultimate respite through the nifty little innovation of the water dispenser.

The Cooling Freshness
The No Frost 3-D cooling technology retains the complete nutrients of the food and keeps it fresh for a long time along with the unique Fuzzy Control System which senses the surroundings and adjusts the temperature to keep it at the optimum level. Innovating the complete cooling concept, the new WaterMatic range guarantees a healthy way to store food. The unique in built anti biotic deodorizer keeps the food free from bacteria and bad odour

Thanda Pani Mile Bina Darwaza Khole Campaign

The Videocon WaterMatic launch has been supported by the commercials featuring the homemakers’ dilemma as she protects her mouthwatering dishes and favorites foods stocked up in the refrigerator from getting gobbled up by her family- her husband, kid and her father-in-law .They all use the pretext of drinking water as the reason to open the door but in the process sneak away the goodies. However, the lady is smart and therefore she gets home a Videocon WaterMatic refrigerator which highlights the concept of sourcing water without having to open the door. Her wits and Videocon’s invention aims to become the talk of the town through this platform of “Thanda Pani Mile Bina Darwaza Khole”.