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Keep cool efficiently and economically. Learn how to maintain your air conditioner…

Generally, it is said that with good maintenance, your air conditioner should last you a good fifteen years!!

Summer has set in. This time of the year demands greater comfort levels with respect to the climatic conditions and this naturally adds on to the usage of our air conditioners. Compiled here are some simple and easy generic household tips on maintenance tasks that will enable your air conditioner to operate more efficiently, save some unwarranted high costs and minimise your electricity bills…

Firstly, it must be understood that recommending some easy maintenance tips does not rule out the need for professional AMC's. In fact, this recommendation supplements professional expertise to keep things in order, thus making your air conditioner last longer.

To begin with:

  • Try not to keep the air conditioner on all the time and that too at a high temperature. Use ceiling fans. Moving air with ceiling fans can increase the comfort range and simultaneously reduce the pressure on your air conditioner. Although you do have air conditioners now with an auto shut off option where energy and efficiency are both well conserved.
  • Keep the unit fan on "AUTO." It is not necessary to run the fan constantly when the air conditioner is turned on.
  • Provide a shade for your outdoor AC unit./ condensing unit?? Air in a shaded space is typically five to six degrees cooler than the surrounding air; this means the AC will have an easier time cooling the air before pumping it into the home. Also, this is a proven fact that air conditioners with proper shading can be up to 10 percent more efficient over a cooling season.
  • Also make sure that your condensing unit outside is not covered up with plants, temporarily stacked newspapers, etc. Some people intentionally cover their condenser to "protect" it from the elements; there is no need for this at all - remember these units are designed for outdoor installation and require no protection at all.
  • If you happen to be one of those who just cannot manage without an air conditioner, make sure that you clean or replace the AC filters almost every month! Remember, dirty filters restrict air flow, reducing efficiency.
  • Be sure the thermostat is set in the cooling mode. Just setting the dial below room temperature will not activate the air conditioning if it is set in the heat mode.
  • Conduct a routine bi-monthly check to ensure that all access panels, screws and the like are in place.
  • And lastly, try to form a routinic cleaning of the fins just as you do your daily dusting. This will keep the air clean and your air conditioner looking as good as new over a longer period of time.
Last Word: It is a pleasurable experience to live 'with the times' in the lap of luxury but it is equally essential to form a regular maintenance network with regard to all our gadgets! A thoroughly cleaned air conditioning unit will operate at top efficiency.

A word of caution here: please do not try using a hose and water to try clean your air conditioner as you may perhaps observe a company technician at some period of time. There is a special way of doing this and hence one must make sure that one avoids taking the unnecessary and serious risk of electrical shock and possible shorting of electrical components.

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